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Acoustic Guitars

20 years ago we never dreamed the prices of guitars and basses would go down and the quality up! Indeed you can now get great guitars and basses at more affordable prices than ever before.Today, with premier manufacturer's Takamine,Eastman, Ibanez, Austin, Ovation and Yamaha there are incredible values available, even for the first time buyer!

The first thing we explain to our customers is the difference between solid top guitars and guitars with laminated tops. These two factors determine the quality and resonance of an instrument. (Be Music carries laminated guitars in the $79.00 to $500.00 range.)

Our solid top acoustics are priced from $169.99 upwards to $700.00
, The all solid woods start at $500.00 and go up as far as $3000.00 for some of the industry's top of the line instruments

Be Music focuses on educating and enlightening first time buyers by helping them select the right product for the proper application, within their appropriate price range.

  • Great return policy / Our 50% - 65% promise
  • We customize the purchase of each sale
  • Enjoy our No pressure "browse as long as you like" shop
  • Large updated inventory of new and used instruments
  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff to help with your questions
            (and they're talented players as well!)


Electric Guitars

In the very trendy world of electric guitars and basses, Be Music has made a decision to drop all of the "big" name brands that we used to carry.

The prices of these instruments were continually going up while the quality unfortunately was just not there with their price increases.

The manufacturer's that Be Music deal with produce the best playing and best sounding guitars and basses you can buy anywhere. Their pricing is literally hundreds of dollars less than what you would usually pay for a "Brand X" rig.

(* Perhaps you're starting to see our underlying theme here at Be Music. We are always striving to get the best quality instrument in your hands, at a price that you can afford to pay . . . TODAY.)


Entry to Intermediate Level

These companies produce some of the finest instruments we have ever offered! If you have ever thought about playing a quality guitar, you owe it to yourself to come into Be Music and check out some of these beautiful sounding instruments!


Intermediate to Pro: